The Churches in Ovada


Dedicated to Maria Assunta, our Lady of Assumption and St. Gaudenzio the church was founded in 1772. and stands out with its high towers (47 mt) which are the symbol of town. The austere neoclassic-style façade is in contrast with the rich and decorated interior: the layout is latin cross with central nave and two side islands bordered by twin columns. The central nave is roofed by barrel vaults, the two side islands by cross arches. The high dome built above the transept crossing is surmounted by a cupola. The church was frescoed by Pietro Vivald, named the Dumb, a very active local artist.

The side altars are dedicated to crafts and portraits saints and protectors. The high altar in polychrome marble is a remarkable art work designed by Antonelli; very significant is also the painting representing the ecstasy of St. Therese painted by a young Luca Girolamo.