The Churches in Ovada

san gaudenzioThe Little church of St. Gaudenzio, according to the opinion of the historian emeritus Ambrogio Pesce seems to be the first Christian church of Ovada located between the old mule track to Genoa and the road leading to the ford of Molare. Some exhibits mentioned by Pesce but no longer available appear to support the thesis that the church dated back to the fourth century, and he was surrounded by a Christian cemetery.

The current church, probably built on the grounds of the original, is located just past the railway bridge on the left towards Molare. Being far away from the center probably  was suppressed after the drastic decrease in population resulting in the famous plague of 1348 and replaced by the new parish church of Saint Mary (then Lodge of St. Sebastian) in the walled city. Abandoned to the negligence of time and reduced to simple chapel extramural, was restored from 1704 through the efforts of the parish priest Don Giovanni Benso.