The Churches in Ovada

chiesasmartinoUnfortunately, there is no evidence relating to the foundation of the church and the life of the convent attached to it. The first reference is found in an act of approximately 1284 when the monastery was given a unique legacy and some of its properties were leased for two years at the cleric Moruello de Olivero. In two wills of 10 and May 15, 1289 Moruello and Bernardo Spina ask to be buried in the church of Saint Mary of Ovada and are disposed some legacies in favor of various churches including that of Saint Martino.

We must then wait until 1463 to get back news of the church that in truth at that time was not to be in prosperous conditions: from the notarial deed we find news of the sublease of all land, vineyards and farms; in the same deed is mentioned, for the first time, the bell still existing. Around 1600 the abandoned monastery became the property of the Apostolic Camera.
Now home to a Company Wine, both the bell and the complex underwent a careful restoration that gave new life to one of the oldest monasteries in the area.