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80px Prasco Stemma

Municipality of Prasco

Via Roma, 2
15010 PRASCO (AL)
tel 0144 375703
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altitude above sea level m. 245

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The country is divided in two villages: Prasco station located along the main road to Acqui Terme and Prasco center on the hill. At the top it is the castle and inside the cemetery a stone church with three apses that dates back to 1000.

Castle Gallesio Piuma dates from the twelfth century. Subsequent renovations have tarnished its primary Gothic architectural lines but does not have to diminish the impressiveness. It has a powerful central body with three placed against towers and is built around large roof gardens at different levels.The park contains a beautiful seventeenth-century ice house. Above the front door there is a marble coat of arms surmounted by the coronet, where attaches tenacious secular ivy. There you can see the symbols of two families: that of Gallesio Piuma (current owners) and Spinola. Even the interior is very attractive. In the central hall there are precious paintings (mostly portraits) from different schools: Umbrian, Lombard and Flemish. Houses a Museum with material culture and the Gallesiani Study Centre which promotes research and insights on the work of Giorgio Gallesio, the great naturalist author of "Italian Pomona"

The Parish Church of Saints Nazario and Mauritius dates back to the eleventh century, located in the cemetery and likely priestly descent, has a gabled façade topped by a bell tower. Kind of passage routes of the pilgrims, the church of Prasco, flourishing from 1000 for five centuries after the construction of the parish near the Castle and the terrible plague in the '600, the church became a military hospital and cemetery. Originally a single nave with transept and three apses, has curtailed the right of the apse and severely altered the interior by a recent coverage in wooden formwork.

The Parish Church of San Defendente, not far from the Castle, dating from the end of 1600, together with the rectory. Visible from all the surrounding valleys, the eighteenth-century church dedicated to San Defendente is now returned to its original beauty thanks to recent restoration.

Botanical Garden of the Almond resorts Mongiut occupies a hilly area of about 15,000 square meters. and it collects nearly 1500 species of interesting plants under the decorative profile, collector and botanist. It is divided into thematic gardens: the Mediterranean garden, the garden of flowers, the rose garden, the aromatic style garden, the shadow garden, the pond and the garden of wild roses
The Garden is also host to shows and events.

At the highest point of Prasco, Bric delle Forche (400 m.) You can enjoy the view of up to 44 countries, across the plains to Alexandria.

Main events:
July: Feast of SS. Nazario and Celso
October: Chestnut