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15010 Morsasco (AL)
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altitude above sea level m. 328

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The village, located halfway between Ovada and Acqui Terme, is set around the castle which is accessed through a narrow and steep path that leads to a beautiful square where stands the parish church, the clock tower and the house called "del Boia" and above the door leading to the castle, you can see a bell tower with a clock of 1697.

Around you can enjoy a charming view of hills, vineyards and pretty rural churches.
For several years took place at the castle a widely followed event: "School and Tournament of Falconry".
Exceeded the door of the castle, climb along the stone alley until you reach the sixteenth-century parish church dedicated to St. Bartholomew which has frescoes of the painter Pietro Ivaldi said the dumb

The Castle, superb manor situated on a prominent location on the Val Bormida, stands proudly on the houses of the old shelter that is accessed by passing through a high door, carved at the base of the bell tower that still has traces of the drawbridge. The castle, mentioned since the thirteenth century, belonged to the Del Bosco, the Malaspina, the Lodron, the Gonzaga, the Centurione Scotto and the Pallavicino.
Over the centuries it has lost its military features of the beginning, and is presented today as a stately home by the great halls and the rooms pleasant, eighteenth-century enlargement result. Of great beauty is the stone fireplace in the New Hall, commissioned by Lodron at the beginning of the '500 and the game arcade Pallacorda (early' 700). The internal chapel, built where once was the well of the courtyard, is of the early '700 and is dedicated to St. Catherine of Siena. Among the famous castle visitors remember the passage of Saint Luigi Gonzaga. From the park you can enjoy a beautiful view on the Monferrato hills.

The Church of Saint Vito placed slightly outside of town, this is the oldest building in the area; It has a beautiful semicircular apse

Recurring events:

July: meeting of ancient car and motorcycle