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MontaldoBormida-stemmaInfo Municipality:
Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII, 1 – 15010 MONTALDO BORMIDA
tel 0143 85141 fax 0143 849144

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altitude above sea level m. 346

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The small village with an agricultural vocation is not far to the town of Carpeneto and with it divides most of its history; in a diploma of the imperial chancery the definition "Ambo Carpineta" defined the site of the present town of Carpeneto and that of Montaldo, at the time much less important as not to merit a name indicative autonomous. Yet in 1203 in the pact with the Alexandrians Montaldo is associated with Carpeneto ("Utriusque Carpeneti").
Located on the hillside that separates the Valle Orba from that of Bormida the country receives the proper baptism in 1862 and released from the role of "Carpeneto minor".

The Castle of the village was surrounded by walls and a deep moat; access from the east was allowed by a drawbridge, while to the west the manor was divided by a very steep bank. The castle was destroyed in 1500 and part of the ruins used for the construction of the parish church.
As evidence of the existence of the Castle some place names of the country (Via Sottocastello, Bridge area) and the keep still "in defense" of the land where it was before the moat and now the golf tambourine.

Built in 1686, the Parish Church is dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel and Our Lady of the Rosary; of the original Romanesque church of the country are still some traces in the rectory.
Among the most admirable works of the Parish there is the dead Christ, formerly carried in procession on Good Friday and the fresco of the "Nativity" painted by Pietro Ivaldi known as Muto.

Another place of worship is the Oratory of San Rocco, in the village, on which stands the memorial plaque of the plague of 1854.

Recurring events:
March: Podismo
May: Baby Fest
June: Festival of Farinata
June: "Flora & Bacco" event floriculture (already Gardening Hill)
July: Stockfish at Gaggina
August: Festival of Pizza
August: Feast of the Three Castles Stockfish
November: Truffle Fair