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Info Municipality:
Via Ambrogio Doria, 93 15060 MONTALDEO
tel. 0143 849121 fax 0143 849144
sito web:
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

altitude above sea level m. 332

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The History
Montaldeo is a small town located in the hills of Monferrato, in a panoramic position, not far from Ovada. Mentioned as Mons Alpherius in some documents of the tenth century, was long disputed by armed struggles between Alexandrian and Genoa; the settlement, destroyed in 1224, was rebuilt in 1227 by the Alexandrians. Its geographical location, between the Ligurian Apennines and the Po Valley, was the origin of the first fortifications of the village. Of these fortifications there is nothing left as the village was razed by the Genoese in 1224. Rebuilt in 1271 the country became part of the territories of the Marquis of Monferrato, who gradually lost their influence; Montaldeo was thus occupied by Francesco Sforza and he granted a fief to the family Trotti in 1433. In 1528 the population of the village, exasperated by the abuses of Christopher Trotti, provoked a violent uprising that led to the massacre of the entire family. Restored order, the land was entrusted pro tempore to the Bishop of Alexandria, and later, in 1530 at the Grimaldi family. In 1566 the Doria family acquired the castle, some houses and about sixty acres of land; over the centuries, including various events and different occupations, the village was the domain of the Doria family, whose eldest son still bears the title of Earl of Montaldeo.

The Castle overlooks the town with its imposing structure, well preserved, stands on a base fortified with sentry boxes and ancient towers, still surrounded on three sides by the garden.
Built in the thirteenth century, destroyed and rebuilt in the fifteenth century, was remodeled and adapted to the residence during the seventeenth century. The type is a single body with two floors plus the parapet protruding and four towers; on the first floor is a large living room with fireplace sixteenth and the courtroom. In the underground you still keep the prisons with mazes, ladders, traps and torture devices.

The Parish of St. Martin is dedicated to St. Martin of Tours Bishop. In the late nineteenth century began the first expansion work: they were made the facade and the churchyard and in the modern forms completed at the beginning of '900. The interior, neoclassical nave, contains the valuable eighteenth-century altar in pink marble, a gift of the Doria family.

The St. Michael's Church, built in the twelfth century, was the first Parish in Montaldeo; at the entrance of the village on a small hill, is shaped hut while the interior has a single nave and shows fine frescoes depicting the Archangel Michael and other saints, dating from the late fifteenth century.

The Church of St. Catherine is located a few meters outside the town, on the road leading to Castelletto d'Orba; was built in 1653 on the site of a chapel dedicated to the Holy and today cemetery chapel.
Other small buildings of worship: the Oratory of the Battuti and, across from City Hall, San Sebastian, built in the mid nineteenth century on the oratory preexisting which was demolished to build the new road; coming from Mornese, just before the church of Saint Michael, the Chapel of San Gottardo.

Recurring events:
June: Festival "countries in Festival"
August: Festival of the turkey and Wine Dolcetto
November: Chestnut Festival - Saint Martin (in the courtyard of the Castle Doria)