The kitchen Ovadese cleverly mixes the traditional Piemontese with that of nearby Liguria.

Ovada you can find many bars offering the typical Monferrato: the rich and varied hot and cold appetizers of tradition, the classic ravioli served with meat sauce or "cup" with red wine (with wonderful Dolcetto Ovada) tagliatelle with mushroom sauce or venison, braised slow cooking, the Piedmont mixed fry with meat, vegetables and desserts, boiled meats accompanied by various sauces succulent (the so-called "nappy"), the mushrooms of our woods and precious truffles (in season) and finally the traditional desserts.

There is no shortage of restaurants offering dishes of fish (the sea, in the end is a "stone's throw"), and that will make you fall in love with local their specialty pizzas.

To the delight of the most demanding palates some local variants offer more "exotic" that will enrich the culinary offerings of the city.

Historians small venues that churn gruel We will revive the tradition of cooking with wood stove; the wine bar will help you discover the award winning wines of the area first of all the Dolcetto di Ovada Doc and Ovada (DOCG) and all the best wines of Piedmont, Italian and foreign.

Inns will take you by the hand on a journey to discover the traditional dishes of our grandmothers with rustic and original.

Below is a complete list of all local Ovada: