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Casaleggio Boiro-StemmaInfo Municipality:
Via Roma, 16 – 15070 CASALEGGIO BOIRO
tel. 0143 877134 fax 0143 877998
sito web:
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altitude above sea level m. 321

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Small agricultural town located along the right bank of the stream Gorzente, along the road leading to the Park Capanne di Marcarolo, the original core of the village is set near the ancient castle and is surrounded by fields and vineyards.
In more recent times the town went localizing around the parish church along the road that leads from Ovada to Gavi.

The Castle is considered one of the oldest of Monferrato; some historians date the origin around the tenth century, although a place slightly later (XI-XII century) appears to be more stylistically reliable. Rearrangements subsequent era mostly Renaissance have altered the features original. Appealing are the decorations of the stone slabs that act as lintel representing knights, ladies and lions. Despite its shape is not the most distinctly recognizable, its appeal is undeniable: almost hidden by the forest fascinated D'Andrade in the nineteenth century as it did with director Sandro Bolchi who in 1967 chose it as a dwelling of the Innominato for his "Promessi Sposi".

The Parish Church of Casaleggio, is probably on Ancient Parish of San Martino, which is only a reference documentary dates back to the twelfth century. In the sixteenth century the Church of San Martino, pouring in a state of deep decay, had been replaced by the Church built under the Castle. In the eighteenth century appeared the need to build a parish church in a more comfortable place for the entire community: the first stone was laid in 1797 just in the place where once stood the church of San Martino.

During the nineteenth century some altars, marbles and works of various kinds belonging to religious orders of Genoa gradually suppressed, were acquired by the Church and helped to enrich and to embellish it.
The ancient parish church, the Church of San Leone, you meet not just overcome the arc of the first circle of walls of the castle; inside the main altar is made of wood at the top by a skilled cabinetmaker of eighteenth century.
There are many small rural chapels that may be encountered while traveling the roads and paths along the fields and forests of the area.
Do not forget that a large part of the territory of Casaleggio was included in 1979 in the Park Capanne di Marcarolo.

Recurring events:
July: Podismo
July-August: Agrimovie - Outdoor Cinema