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altitude above sea level m. 329

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The country, tapered shape, stands on the natural watershed that separates the Valle Orba from the River Bormida. Surrounded by four valleys, each crossed a small river, the village unfolds around the castle and its park. There remains no trace of the original building; probably at the beginning of his story was made up by a solid and high defensive tower. Subsequently became veritable fortress was to be equipped with bridges and ditches (historian carpenetese Ferraro spotted it in various documents fourteenth presence).
Later the castle was appropriately modified to be safer and later more suited to the life of the court. Note, inside the city walls, the small Romanesque chapel dedicated to St. Anthony, considered (although it lacks a certain documentation) one of the oldest of Monferrato.The origins of the Church of St. George, the current parish in the country, date back to the XII - XIII century although the point where it stands today could have hosted a church of medieval origins. The exterior, baroque, betrays the transformation of the whole church suffered about 1720. On this occasion the old church was incorporated into the new one most suitable to host a large number of people more. The church houses inside one of the most valuable works in the Ovada area: wooden crucifix by Anton Maria Maragliano. The crucifix was commissioned by the Brotherhood of the SS Annunziata to the sculptor in 1712. Moved to the Parish originally stood in the Oratory of SS Annunziata, facing the Town Hall Square in the country. This is definitely one of the most picturesque in Ovada.area.

Recurring events:

April: Fair of San Giorgio
August: Night Magic - Feast of the Witches
August: Festival of the Ostrich (Madonna della Villa)