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Belforte Monferrato-Stemma


Via San Colombano, 3
tel. 0143 86501 - fax 0143 824896
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altitude above sea level m. 297

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Small village located a few kilometers from Ovada, on the ridge of a hill, its territory is quite varied between unspoiled woods along the right bank of the torrent Stura, hilly areas rich in vineyards and flattest area host numerous craft settlements.

Tradition says the foundation of the village by St Colombano Irish monk born in 540, the founder of the monastery of Bobbio, where he died, and that of Luxeuil in Burgundy; the ancient name of Belforte (Uxetium) seems to derive just from the pronunciation "Ucseil" (small Luxeil) of the Monastery French become very important over time.
On the top of the hill the Castle Seventeenth Century is hiding inside a dense forest; the Medieval Castle keeps some historical references they see it located at the region Bertarelli and destroyed already in the mid-thirteenth century, perhaps because of family disputes. 

The castle, a square, has a rectangular courtyard and consists of several structures added over the centuries with different styles and sizes (some buildings were part of the Ancient Benedictine Monastery).
The Parish of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary, built in the fifteenth century on the steeple preserves the golden statue of the Virgin Mary, a true symbol of the country. A unique plant with two side altars (originally less deep than the current ones), In front of the altar of the Rosary, the Altarpiece Of Crucifixion is a work of the highest level attributed to Sarzana (Domenico Fiasella).

The Parish of San Colombano (inside the cemetery) and the Oratory of San Rocco, headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Santissima Annunziata are two places of particular historical and artistic merit. (italian)

Recurring events

July: Podismo G.P. Uxetium
August: Festival of Trofie with pesto
September: Wine and Poetry