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The city of Ovada lies on the northern side of the Ligurian Apennines; located at the confluence of the Stura and Orba Torrents is surrounded by hills of vineyards (Varietal Dolcetto) and chestnut and oak (rich in mushrooms).
These characteristics (halfway between the mountains and the plains of the Alexandrian) make it somewhat different than the nearby hills of Monferrato (become Unesco Heritage) but certainly very interesting and enjoyable thanks to a greater variety of landscapes.
Like all border areas (Ovada is located a few kilometers from Liguria), architecture, cuisine and traditions of the town are a melting pot of influences from Liguria and Piedmont derivations.
The rich painted facades of palaces (in recent years affected by numerous restoration) are a clear example of the influence of Genoa in the ovadese architecture, as are some very important and deeply felt religious traditions (think of the procession in honor St. John the Baptist).
The point at which these influences reach their peak, it is definitely the kitchen; especially in Ovada and nearby countries linked to Genoa by rail, over the years the gastronomic tradition has collected and expertly mixed the best of Piedmontese cuisine and the Ligurian.
The same climate, during the spring days, makes you forget the cold and sometimes snowy winters, stroking the hills with the wind coming from the sea ("The Marine").
City rich in architectural and artistic evidence, Ovada is the starting point of a journey to discover the hidden corner of the territory ovadese between castles, vineyards, fields and dense woods crossed by streams. 















Coordinates: 44 ° 38' 21" N  -  8 ° 38' 47" E
Altitude: 186 m. s.l.m.
Size: 35.37 km²




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